Vineyards in Dordogne, south west France, Perigueux.

Countryside holiday cottage in Dordogne, France.

Private and secluded house with 5 acres of grounds and a one acre Lake.

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Visiting Vineyards
Chateau Belingard
Located on the hillsides south of Bergerac,
the Chateau Belingard farms 90 ha of vineyard and produces
"Bergerac" and "Monbazillac" appellation wines.
Open from Monday to Friday 8:00-18:00 and on Saturday 10:30-18:00
Tel: 05 53 58 28 03

Chateau Champarel
The chateau produces "Pecharmant" appellation wines.
Located at Bergerac, Dordogne (24).
Tel: 05 53 57 34 76 

Chateau de Fayolle
English-owned vineyard near Bergerac,
producing a range of quality wines.
Open for tastings & tours all year, for small and large groups (up to 80).
Visits can include lunches hosted by local expert.
Bespoke wine holidays & events.
Tel: 05 53 74 32 02/ 06 70 75 69 53
france dordogne vineyard

Chateau de Tiregand
Produces "Pecharmant" appellation wines.
They offer free tasting and guide visit of the cellars by appointment.
Located at Creysse. 
Tel: 05 53 23 21 08
Chateau Haut Garrigue
Award-winning wines
tasting at the vineyard of two organic and biodynamic winemakers
Sean and Caroline Feely. At Saussignac, Dordogne (24),
15 mins from Bergerac or Ste Foy la Grande.
Tel: 05 53 22 72 71 

Chateau La Brie
Located in Monbazillac,
the local authorities created a viticulture high school which produces
"Cotes de Bergerac Moelleux", "Bergerac Rose", "Bergerac sec",
and "Monbazillac" appellation wines. Tel: 05 53 74 42 42 Chateau le Fage Located on the northen coast of Monbazillac at Pomport, the Domaine produces "Cotes de Bergerac", "Bergerac Rose",
"Bergerac sec" and "Monbazillac" appellation wines. Appointment needed for the week end. Tel: 05 53 58 32 55 Chateau Monestier La Tour Dating from XIVth century, the chateau dominates the village of Monestier and covers more than 100 ha of which almost half is dedicated to
Chateau Monplaisir Vineyard overlooking the Dordogne valley. Offering Bergerac wine school visits, tastings, and wine education. Based in Gageac et Rouillac, Dordogne (24). Tel: 05 53 23 93 92 Chateau Montdoyen Located near to village of Monbazillac producing red: Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Malbec and white: Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris, Semillon and Muscadelle. Open for wine tastings by appointment. Tel: 06 26 43 49 86 Chateau Moulin Caresse Located in Saint-Antoine-de-Breuilh, the chateau produces "Bergerac Rouge", "Bergerac Rose", "Montravel sec" and "Montravel Moelleux" appellation wines. Tel: 05 53 27 55 58 Chateau Neyrac Elise & Paul Bouche offer "Pecharmant" appellation wines. Direct sales from the vineyard. Tel: 05 53 61 62 90 Clos d'Yvigne Patricia Atkinson, an English lady who bought a small vinyeard in 1990 made of the Clos d'Yvigne an international recognised wine. Visits and wine tasting by appointment. Located at Le Bourg, Gageac et Rouillac, Dordogne (24). Tel: 05 53 22 94 40 Distillerie La Salamandre Authentic distillery, located 4km from Sarlat. Discover the secrets of distilling fruits and the processes involved in creating fine "liqueurs", "eaux de vie" and other products. Open from Monday to Friday: 8:00-12:00 13:30-18:30 Tel: 05 53 59 10 00 Domaine de Beauregard An English owned vinyard in the Bergerac wine region Tel: 05 53 80 76 34 Domaine de Gavarliac Vineyards owned and run by an English/French couple. They produce Monbazillac and Bergerac wines at Colombier. Wine tasting conducted in either language. Ask for Prudence. At Domaine de Gavarliac Labadie, Colombier, Dordogne (24). Tel: 05 53 73 60 80 Domaine de la Vitrolle Located at Limeuil in the Perigord, the Domaine produces "Vin de pays du Perigord" wine. Appointment needed for wine tasting and visiting. Tel: 05 53 61 58 58 La Maison des Vins de Bergerac At Bergerac, the House of Wine is a neutral body advising and informing visitors about wines from the Bergerac region. Wine from most estates is sold on site and visits to the farms organised. Tel: 05 53 63 57 57 Les Coudriers Organic vineyard. 15 mins from Saint-Emilion, producing Bergerac red and rose wines. At Saint-Michel-De-Montaigne. Tel: 05 53 22 57 61
Phone house 07974 371 255 Email:-

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