Restaurants in Rochechouart.

Rochechouart. 30 mins. North of La Chabroulie.
france dordogne rochechouart
Pizzeria La Venetie
france dordogne restaurant venetie
M. me. Peno 2, rue Therese Tenant
87600 Rochechouart Tel.

Restaurant La Meteorite
france dordogne restaurant la meteorite
1, Place Octave Marquet
87600 Rochechouart Tel.

Parquei Pai
france dordogne restaurant parquei pai
Les Ajaux
87600 Rochechouart Tel.

Restaurant Hotel de France **
france dordogne restaurant hotel de la france
M. et Mme SUTRE 7, Place Octave Marquet
87600 Rochechouart Tel.
Food ok, pity about the waiter... Meowww

PM Bistrot
france dordogne restaurant pm bistrot
Pascal et Murielle Plan d'eau de Boischenu 87600 Rochechouart Tel.

Restaurant La P'tite Loco
france dordogne restaurant petite loco
44, rue Joliot Curie 87600 Rochechouart Tel.

Auberge Le Roc Du Boeuf
france dordogne restaurant roc du boeuf
Le Moulin de la Cote
Route de Babaudus
87600 Rochechouart Tel.

see here.

A holiday house to let in the Perigord, Dordogne, south west France with a lake, pool, large garden,and all beautifully maintained, for a holiday that will aways be treasured.