Holiday in Dordogne, south west France, Perigueux.


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- Brantome Canoe :

dordogne canoeing 1 july 2012 la chabroulie
Allo Canoe :

dordogne canoeing 5 july 2012 la chabroulie
Canoeing in Brantome

A pleasant trip around the town; ideal for children, or adults who wish to glide along the quiet waters.

-Canoe Bourdeilles Loisirs :
Montbron (Charente) : Maison du Canoe, Tel. : (de mai until septembre) ou (autres mois de l'annee)

france canoeing

Countryside holiday cottage in Dordogne, France.

Private and secluded house with 5 acres of grounds and a one acre Lake.